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View on the Danube river


Rostilj sala

Living room

Wine cellar


Village country accommodation - 25 beds

Journey organizing

Eco ethno club - Cerevic

Eco ethno club Danube Vojvodina

Wine Cellars

Smestaj - soba na spratu
Sprat - hodnik


Bicycle routes down Danube

Barbeque rom



ECO ETHNO CLUB :: Location Cerevic


  • Nauticall program on Danube river
  • Fishing
  • Fruska Gora monasteries
  • Strolling, Bicycle routes by Fruska Gora (Bicycle Trails, Cycling Routes Bike Maps provided...)
  • Wine tours
  • Journey organizing
  • All programs are, according to desire, with a guide included


All programs are by the concept "from - to" (airport, rental object, vise versa...).


There is the possibility of the opening of a wine cellar for storage and distribution of wine.


Contact :

For further information you can call the following numbers:

You can also send us a message by filling out form


Village Country Pansion - Cerevic - Danube - Fruska Gora mountain.

We invite you to visit Photo album of our estate as well as Photo gallery of Danube's days and nights

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